On the sunny slopes of the right bank of the Danube, in the area of Grocka and the city of Smederevo, there is a long stretch of plants which traditionally produce healthy fruits Serbian sweet juicy fruits and vegetables.


The business mission of PDM  Agro fruit Ltd. Pudarci, as a modern distribution center for the trade of fruit and vegetables, is reflected in the consolidation of the fruits and vegetables in this part of Serbia, their storage, processing, packaging and marketing to both domestic and foreign markets, operating under a single brand name "Healthy from Serbia ".


Industrial company PDM Agro fruit Ltd. Pudarci operates as a distribution center for the trade of fruit and vegetables.


The company is headquartered in Pudarci located at 40 km from Belgrade - capital of Serbia, at 4 km from the highway E-75 Belgrade - Nis, 17 km from Smederevo, 8 km from Grocke and 5 km from the river Danube. Pudarci a place belonging to the city of Belgrade, and is located on the territory of the township of Grocka.


The company owns 115 hectares of its own land on the move to from Mala Krsna near Smederevo, which is very suitable for fruit cultures and as a matter of space it representsa complete agricultural unit in a panel, and the strategic plan of the company PDM Agro fruit Ltd is to raise its  own apple orchards in the area of ​​about 80 hectares.
The main direction of development policy distribution center is based on market positioning and performing the functions of the distribution center for the trade of fruit and vegetables – utility sales, packing, sorting, cooling and placing the goods in the domestic and foreign markets.


The company also organizes the work of the Advisory Service consisting of agricultural experts, that provide the use of modern agricultural practices to increase yield and quality of fruit to individual producers.


The company also organizes the work of contemporary and modern agricultural pharmacies through which a diversified range of products enables manufacturers orderly and updated supply of chemical preparations, fertilizers and other necessary materials and parts.


As a modern distribution center built by modern standards with installed equipment that represents the highest level of modern technology created the objective conditions for PDM Agro fruit Ltd Pudarci to assume the leading role for fruit growing in this part of Serbia. Using the comparative advantages of the location, traditional fruit production in the immediate environment as a significant potential supply, the company aims to take on the role of the main distributor – the buyer of fruit and vegetables in the wider region and with gaining the trust of individual manufacturers provide high quality and large quantities of fruit and vegetables for further processing and sales in the domestic and foreign markets. Modern equipment for calibration, packaging and cooling, produces high level of productivity and efficiency in the production process which is an important competitiveness of the company.

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